Roger and out***

Voodoo Canzo, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

Okay I admit it, it really was pink. Although the fella buying it and I exchanged manly nods while classifying in a “lively purple“. He was lucky to get a test ride in between the torrential showers, and luckier still that my ham-fisted debuild* didn’t customise the paintwork with a ‘deep screwdriver‘ motif.

One down, one to be delivered on our annual “trip of scars” to Scotland. I hefted that rather lovely but unused bicycle out of storage, and gave it some pre-sale TLC** between distinctly non manly blubbling.

Somehow in between acts of a model credit-cruched citizen, an unplanned event occurred on the eBay/wine horizon. Still you can never have too many sets of wheels can you?

Nurse? Nurse? The tablets. I’ve just seen some orange spokes and I think they’d match a squirrel I once saw.

* If the airline industry can get away with deplane, I am on safe ground here.

** Tender Loving Catpolishing. Cat loves it really. Like a live Chamois. Only with less cow and more claws.

*** Post tennis update. As a tribute to the Swiss cheese holed by the unbending enthusiasm of the Spanish bull, I’ve changed the post title. It seems my new strategy is already in disarray as the delivery of the new frame has been delayed by a goat strike, and the Cove has something gritty going on ‘downstairs’.


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