Sad day…

… one bike sold. Another to be shifted tomorrow assuming email is upgraded to actual person. One may be wrenched from my pleading hands, while the other will glare malevolently from a dark corner for another month.

Anyone in the Ledbury area tomorrow hearing “NO NO I’ve changed* my mind, take the child instead” followed by the dull sound of rolling pin on skull, should just nod sagely and move on.

Move on. Deal with the grief. Accept the passing of frames 24 and 25. Relish the comic irony of believing that the right bike equation has finally been solved. As it has so many times before.

I accept it is a incurable mental disease now, and mine is a chronic case. So it should be no surprise that a quick palm reading shows “shiny things in your near future“.

I’ll stop moping and write something funny** soon. Assuming I can type through a vale of tears and sobbing.

* lost

* ish

3 thoughts on “Sad day…

  1. brad

    just get some lycra and admit roadbikes and goat fondling is all you aim to do from now on… no change there then

  2. Mr Jingles

    Al, which bike(s) are you selling/keeping etc.

    Did that question sound confused….. ?

    It was…..

    Shockingly, I’m downsizing my road fleet from 3 to 1 and for old times sake I may give Brad an ebay postage discount… 🙂

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