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  1. Kath

    Al, are you trying to kill me?

    Black and white is too busy for me, it’s making me dizzy.


  2. mother

    of course you must sell it(do not buy anything else) give carol a treat and get brownie points for when your gliders get broken and need mending. rememember mother knows best

  3. Doug

    Hey Al: I don’t seem to have a current email address for you. Can you email me at doug@cablebayvineyards.co.nz so I can get in touch? Got something you might be interested in 🙂 Cheers, Doug

    ps: check this out: http://www.t42.co.nz/ Assuming I get a Leave Pass it will constitue the 3rd major MTB race of the season for me!!!! Watch the video and book your next trip to NZ!

  4. Simon Ambridge

    Hi Al – long time no speak/meet/abuse/av a laff! Hope all is well with you and the family – and the four-legged friend (I saw the post on the pup). Really we ought to do more than just exchange Christmas cards once a year. Send me your latest email address (I’m at simon@ntier-db.com) or find me on Facebook.


  5. Alex

    Hi – I’ve actually been reading this blog on and off for a few years.. its just one of those mtb blogs I have stumbled across in a previous web search, bookmarked and drop by occasionally to see what’s going on. Its great. I like it. Good work. :o)

    Anyway the point is, your blog appears in the search results of yet another mtb related google – this time with regards to Tony Doyle (of UK Bike Skills fame). Your post, from 2010, is here: http://s921463159.websitehome.co.uk/?tag=tony-doyle

    I’d like to ask if you still feel that this course was worth it and also if you still utilise or apply the methods you were taught on that day in your current riding? Would you ever go back? Would you recommend Tony as a coach? I’m actually booked up for a 1-2-1 session in Feb next year and I’m just curious to know what I’m getting into and what its going to offer my riding long term.

    many thanks & all the best

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