Hedgehog hunting – the best bits..

I qualify the word best by substituting “most read”. Not for one single moment would I ever presume that the shit I write exists in some kind of well written hierarchy. No it’s nonsense from day one, self promoting, vicarious, shot through with fibs and inaccuracies and punctuated by random shotgunning of commas and the occasional full stop.

Lately however, I’ve been inundated with at least one email demanding the choicest cuts for the poor newcomer washed upon the prickly shores of Planet Hedgehog. In a cowardly populist move, the selections below are based entirely on number of hits. The few I was most proud of, nobody read. That’s the way it goes with vanity publishing.

So, if you really have absolutely nothing better to do, take a deep breath, ensure many and varied large drinks are in reach around range and prepare yourself for the ramblings of an idiot.


Decreasing content in no way points to any improvement in quality.

Friday the 13th 
A chink of light
On a hardtail? With my reputation?
May the filth be with you
Return of the bling
It’s not a ride, it’s an adventure
Lost in place 


As 2021, not much most of which I’m pretty happy with. Again not sure I get the vote on what’s good here, but hey ho.

Dig it
As good as it gets?
Hotel California
Plugged in
Going Forward
The Grim returns


I write less and less nowadays. I’m marketing this as ‘all killer, no filler’ although other opinions are available 🙂

Simpler times
Wait, what now?
Buckets of sunshine
Do, nor not do
That ended well
Purple rain
Moob Tube
Gravel, want a ditch with that?
What have you done with the RipMo?


Testing 1,2,3
Winter is a state of mind
We need to talk about Corona
Risk based judgements
Friends like these
This is what fast doesn’t look like
Raising the bar
What do pictures paint?
The fog is lifting
Zoom In


Gap Analysis
Crossing the streams
Work stops play
This is going to be a tough sell
A dogs life (warning sadness ahead 🙁 )
Final exams
Lon Las Cymru-Day 1 (if you like this, the other four days follow on in subsequent posts)
Best of days
Love them, limit them, leave them
Time is of the essence
Choose Wisely
The three bears


Running out of time
Too much of a bad thing
Fast and Furious: Snowkeo Drift
The Past is a Different Country….
That’s a funny looking savings account
Are you going to ride that?
Don’t get me started
Not dead yet
The definition of insanity
Turning a corner


Riding the reality gap
Snowden- Ranger Path
Remembering what’s important
Talk to the hand
Sometimes you have to leavewww.pickled-hedgehog.com
Sunday Service
Parenting – the MTB edition
Age is just a number
Trans Cambrian
Normal service has been resumed
Crash. Don’t learn
This is just getting ridiculous
Nobody’s perfect
Beat Yesterday


A winters fail
Alcohol Dreams
Running out of time
Living in the moment
Sensible is for other people
Go Long
To insanity and beyond
A man walks into a shop
My big fat geek shedding
Best day on a bike
What we have here is a failure to communicate


Enter the Dragrim
The five Ws
Turn it up to 11
Right on Commander
There’s something in the Aeris
Today is a good day to fly
Are you feeling lucky
We’re riding down there?
For Jenn
Saved by the gel
A bike called labrador
What do you see
Christmas Presents

I’m writing for every issue ofCranked run by writer, photographer and all round good egg Seb Rogers. Print only because it’s too bloody lovely to be digitised. Lots of brilliant articles and photography. And my stuff 😉


That’s awkward
idiots monster
class bore
Telling Lies
Mind the Gap
Size doesn™t matter
Bar Bills
Speed Awareness Curse
Cry don™t laugh
What, Caravan
Bad Habits die hard
Need a lift
That’ll go


Open Goal
A weighty problem
That was more fun than Mayhem
If at first you don’t succeed
You See? Cured
Not completely terrible
Stadium Rock
Mountain Musings
Back to Black
Eyes Wrong
Evil Eye
Don’t look back in anger
The Startled Turbot
Rise of the Machines


Testing 1-2
You bought me a car
Just a walk in the park
Channelling my inner Clarkson
New is the new used
Head over wheels
In a ditch called dignity
A proper day out
Does anyone have a flamethrower?
The Landrover List
Finally worked it out
Rock, Paper, Scissors
The hardest Month
Good times
Fridge Magnet
Politeness Costs Nothing

Nov 2010

Quote, Unquote
No Crash Zone
I blame the singlespeeder
Mayhem 2010
Oi you clever trousers!
Mountain Men
Are we there yet?
That was the weekend that was
Common Sense
Customer Service
Beyond Thawderdome
This is Why
There’s a problem with your bike

Only a bit of a year later, I’ve found some more. Reading your own stuff again just makes you realise quite how important it is that you get out more.

Connect 5
Walking the dog
Time Machines
Dog days
Revolving Doors
Lights out
The Wrong Stuff
The dog ate my footwear
Riding Buddies
Waiting for the bus
Compassion Fatigue
My first smartphone
It’s not Glandular
Rush Hour
Dav 478Y”
Silent Running
Not My World
Second Life
Embrace The Mudness

Updates to this page are likely to be randomly generated. Much like most of the posts 🙂

A man walks into a pub
Move it
They think it’s all over
24 hours of ow
Cat in a flap
You get what you pay for
Going Ariel
Hit this, broke that
Puppy Explosion

Springing into action, a further three month update. Quality remains distinctly average:

Hangover Cures
Talent Compensator
The Wizard of Ug!
On The Grout
One Speed, Many problems
Return of the Rant
Of Lice and Van
Fashion Crime
Breaking the Rules

www.pickled-hedgehog.comwww.pickled-hedgehog.com update December 2007. Same standard. Still rubbish.
Chasing Cars
Double Seat
Are you an Idiot?
Inner Nutter

Yorkshire nonsense
Short Haul Hell
Flaws to Manual
Proper Nutter
Home is where the bike is

Hope clings me spurnal

God, have I been doing it this long?
When Bromptons attack
Street Riding
Washing machine crisis
A brush with the floor
Bristol Bikefest
Riding when drunk
Hospital Diaries: 1,2,3 and 4
Bingo Night
Being Five
Toilet Humour
Five things about commuting
Russ Appeal write up
How many bikes?
Altitude Training

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