Fantastic, a new bike…

… only not for me. Verbal has visibly outgrown her 20inch mountain bike that was too big for her when we originally bought it. That’d be all of about 18 months ago. Luckily because we’ve learned that you merely rent stuff for kids between the ages of one and ten, there’s a complex recycling process essentially handing down previously enjoyed bikes from my ever expanding group of cycling friends.

This latest little stormer comes from my friend Steve whose own daughter had abandoned it in the shed, the minute she had entered secondary school. A few notes changed hands along with that most consistent of world weary parenting laments “honestly they never stick to anything for more than about ten minutes“. Driving it home, a thought occurred that we’ve essentially become a Borg like Specialized bicycle family with one for each of the normal family members and one for me from my menage of a thousand.

And because I have sufficient cycling passion for the entire street, it is not a big surprise that the kids have never been that bothered, but even they are not immune in the face of shiny new toys. We headed out to our very local ride spot which is a concrete oval, most of which gives a perfect view of a few hundred dead people. Which considering my accident to ride ratio, seems entirely appropriate.
Kids ride 012Kids ride 037

I though it may be too big. It wasn’t. I thought she might struggle to ride it. She didn’t. And during one catastrophic mix up of who was going which way she managed to ride it up a 5 inch curb. Which was pretty impressive although maybe a little less so when the alternative was throwing herself insouciantly into an existing six wheel pile up.

Random was going pretty well too. She gets apexes and doesn’t believe that at 6, she knows everything there is to know about riding bikes. Other family members under ten don’t share such an enlightened view of the world.
Kids ride 045Kids ride 033

I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken because it shakes my belief that a full thatched athlete is riding his bike like the champ he knows he is. However, Carol was having no truck with that and bounced the flash off the balding pate on far too many occasions.

Kids ride 036Kids ride 034

All my talk of high elbows, weight on the front end, stomp the outside pedal were met with much ridicule and misunderstanding. This is essentially how the world works when it’s three against one and you’re the one.

Kids ride 031Kids ride 037

Still another bike can never be a bad thing. Two things are left to be sorted out, firstly who is next in line for verbals’ now discarded one, and is it my turn for a new one next?

8 thoughts on “Fantastic, a new bike…

  1. Niall

    It dinnae want to work, cap’n!

    Clicking on the thumbs sends you to a link to register for flickr rather than just view the photo

  2. Alex

    Niall, it’s a sad old world out there but any pics of the kids I restrict to friends and family. I’ll send you an invite as anyone who reads the hedgehog is obviously of sound mind πŸ˜‰

  3. Alex

    That’s the local cemetery πŸ™‚ Or as I like to think about it, what happens when a bike accident goes beyond medical help.

  4. Huey - fellow Dialled rider

    Surely the big kid in blue needn’t be so metered? Show us that pate in close up!!

    Keep up the good work. Well blog, anyways πŸ˜‰

  5. Alex

    I like to keep myself somewhat windswept and interesting. Anybody who has met me will indeed tell you I am very windy and find myself quite interesting πŸ˜‰ Photos just don’t do that justice.

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