Do you do that in pink?

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I have kids and I’m pretty comfortable with my own sexuality. Rarely do I show any interest in shoes, handbags or anything closer to cosmetics than Tesco’s value underarm smelly.

And yet… and yet I find myself strangely drawn to this pink lovely on sale at Sideways Cycles (from where I stole the picture). Tim has, over the years, put up with much vacillation and the occasional U-Turn as I try to spend money in his shop.

And now he has this on sale. I nearly bought it a while ago. I don’t need it, I have almost no use for it whatsoever. After a recent ebay yard sale, my spares holding has been reduced to two semi slick yellow tyres and a cracked seat post. There is nowhere to put it nor any terrain close by to do it justice.

Right, glad I’ve cleared that up then. By simple dint of disconnecting my phone, eating my credit card and refusing to accept that this is the stonking deal of the year, I expect to remain on the boring yet non starving fiscal road of responsibility.

Nice tho isn’t it ?

8 thoughts on “Do you do that in pink?

  1. dave

    somehow i’m reminded of a leathal weapon film where in the south african embassy there’s some minor spluttering. However, one minor correction follows

    ‘but, but, but it’s pink!’

    i do have a suggestion, lend ME your credit card and needless to say i’ll remove any such fundings available for the monstrosity above on much nicer bike for myself instead… sounds good to me.

  2. Alex

    Dave, you blew it there. For a second I was being drawn into your cunning plan and then you called that vision of lovely pinkness a monstrosity.

    The noise you can hear is me having a bit of trouble with the sharp corner of the card. H’mm tasty.

  3. dave

    any other colour and I would agree with you,, but in PINK?? That’s almost going down the road where (a size too small) lycra shorts are considered essential cycle wear.

  4. Alex

    I am considering tassels. Skin tight lycra tho? No. It’d be an affront to common dignity and I’d be in real danger from any lurking Norwegian whalers 😉

  5. dave

    why not go the whole hog and call it purple haze at least then you could claim drug induced hysteria when you bought the thing..

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