Right, who borked* the hamster

Whatever the RSPCA may ask you, I have not been abusing the hosting hamster. A complex technical issue exists deep in the server environment, the exact intricacies I shall not bore you with.

Obviously downtime in potentia exists in a multifaceted phase space bounded by compound but inter-related pseudo simultaneous events. The outcome – as simply explained to the layman – of such a byzantine interaction is “the site is bolloxed, sorry

I’ve cut out some of the more technical stuff there.

For those who emailed complaining their mornings have been unusually productive without the caffeine hit of the hedgehog, then all I can say – is come review time – you’ll thank me for steering you back down a vocational track.


I have four articles parked up but almost ready to be shunted onto the main line. Translating them from “spidertrain” scrawl to almost English may take a while, but the site’ll probably be down so you’re not going to miss much.

Can anyone lend me a nano-bot?

* insert simile of choice 🙂

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