Ah they do…

… do it in pink. I’m now the proud owner of a pink 18 incher, but with a mere three and a half of vertical travel. It’s part of a bike rationalisation strategy I’m calling “benign insanity“.

And, before anyone asks, I shall not be accesorising it by purchasing any further “light purple” components especially anything that may be thought of as a pink helmet.

And because I’d have to dig down to create a bat cave if this was a simple addition to the bikey herd, the old bull elephant has to be cast out. So anybody in the market for a previously enjoyed Turner 5-Spot, let me know.

Otherwise I’ll be forced to lie on fleabay.

5 thoughts on “Ah they do…

  1. Alex

    You’re in the book Parker. And archived to microfiche. You’ll not be so bloody lippy when the revolution comes.

    And, er, yes. Almost exactly 🙁

  2. Alex

    There shall be no more mention of the P work on this ‘ere blog. I’ll accept maroon, possibly lilac if used ironically although “manly shade of purple” should be the description of choice.

    Too late now, 5 Spot for sale, pink thing in a van on its’ way. What have I done? 😉

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