You can dance..

Murphy 6 months, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

You can jive, having the time of your life*

I am mired in a pile of shit here. Not literally, although our weekly night ride later in the lamping rain will probably turn metaphorical into the physical. What it certainly means is I have no time to share with you my latest ranting at the world in general, and the railways in particular.

So In the meantime, here’s Murphy at six months demonstrating his:

a) Dancing skills
b) Willy.

I have a picture of me doing the same. I’ll not be posting that just yet 😉

* Yeah yeah you may be pointing and laughing at my homage to the Swedish Gods and Godesses of Pop. But I bet you are humming along.

4 thoughts on “You can dance..

  1. Alex

    Always happy to raise the bar in the photographic and musical culture arenas! Dog is clearly mad. Left him in the hatch of Carol’s car for five mins while we dropped kids off at school. Found him in the front seat, paws on the wheel.

    Bloody glad we didn’t leave the keys in!

  2. Alex

    Thanks Nick. That’s really helped my day “and if you don’t dance, you’re no friend of mine”. Just managed to wrench Abba out and now it’s Men Without Hats.

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