I used to think..

… I could just about ride a mountain bike. This fantastically filmed bonkers headcam follow shows me I’m only slightly above ‘recently removed stabilisers’ in the cycling food chain.

Great camera as well. Most of the headcam stuff is horribly pixelated and further ruined by changes in light blowing away the contrast. And that’s before the generally shit riding destroys what quality is left.

I had a fantastic night ride yesterday. All two wheel grassy drifts and opposite lock tractionaless descents. By the end of it, I really felt quite good about my standard of basic bike control.

Having watched that, I’m off to get a shopping basket and a Sam Browne belt to properly position my cycling prowess. You watch these guys basically taking the piss, and sometimes you feel inspired, sometimes humbled but always assuming something alien is going on.

This time I just felt scared 😉

7 thoughts on “I used to think..

  1. masters lopes and gracia eh? well its not like theyre just a bit good. they get paid to ride bikes. they get paid a lot to ride bikes in an industry not drowning in cash too. I often feel (actually I am) bit pants on a bike but i still fricking love it and as long as lopes and gracia dont roll round my way then ill continue to enjoy it. Though i have a sneaking suspicion theyd both encourage rather than berate and have a lot of fun sinking some jars afterwards.

    the sad truth is if we didnt ride what the hell would we do?

  2. Alex

    True enough Dave. The only way I’d get paid to ride a bike is in a DVD Nasty “don’t do it like this”.

    Andy – you’re such a gear tart 🙂 Still I agree that’s at a standard where – if you could get some decent footage – it’d be worth having one.

  3. DaveB

    Andy b

    Tread with care. I had one of those and returned it to CRC for a refund. The camera is fiddly to operate and the video recording was unreliable. The waterproof casing failed at 1m depth as well. I wouldn’t recommend it at the moment.

  4. I read your initial comments and then watched the video. I assumed that the bloke in front was you. Very impressive, you talk yourself down a lot.

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