Test Email to Blog. Surely this can’t work as well?

Steve “Watlington” Watkins a few years back when he had a proper bike. It looks a bit like that outside today with a proper wintery minus five frost and ice on every flat surface. Obviously that’s not our back garden in the picture nor does it have Steve in it right now. Which is good, because much as I like Steve, he and I have a drinking game that started about five years ago and shows no sign of abating until we’re both hospitalised with Liver cirrhosis.

It’s a simple format; turn up at the pub and start drinking until one of us falls over. And fun as it is, 10am is probably not the best time to play it.

EDIT: I’m stunned. Two bits of free to use technology working first time and without any difficult rooting around in the complex underbelly of the hedgehog. Which makes it exactly the opposite of almost any Microsoft product. I’ve decided today is Microsoft bashing day and I bet their quaking.

4 thoughts on “Test Email to Blog. Surely this can’t work as well?

  1. Watty

    You won’t be saying that when their rep is forcing you to drink glass after glass of free champagne at Twickers will you? Oh no. (oh, and it’s they’re quaking!) :O)

  2. Watty

    Very true!
    Oh, and btw, I’m on the waggon. New lean but keen Watster coming to a Watlington carpark near you soon :o)

  3. Alex

    Somebody call Watty! His computer has been hijacked. You’re on the Wagon? Oh Lordy, what totally? I’m stunned 😉

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