Where’s the ‘F’ in snow?

There’s no F’in snow would be the traditional response to a global warmed planet, where grass ski-ing looks to be the next big thing. Except for today where outside it is mostly white and wintry. The garden has disappeared as has one of the children. The other one has built a snowman which has some interesting anatomical details and a “belly like daddy’s” apparently. Snowballs have been thrown, cold hands desperately blown on and some hill based bin bag action looks on the cards for lunchtime.

I’m not that cheap – it’s just what kind of idiot would buy a sledge if you live in the South of the country? Unless for nostalgic value. But at 7am, this was the scene outside the front door. Already “Angry of Aylesbury” was calling any radio station desperate for content and lambasting the railways operators, the gritting companies and anyone responsible for public services.

As you would expect, not much is working with the road blocked by those special people who fail to understand snow traditionally has an adverse effect on braking distances. The railway managed to shunt the odd carriage to London but the platform was filled to capacity with boot stamping, miserable commuters waiting for anything train shaped.

So I heard anyway. Our road doesn’t appear on any gritting map and while there was much sliding and damaging of hedgerows, almost nobody was getting out. We have a local councilor living in the road who maybe could have called in a favour if he wasn’t marooned behind a jacknifed van.

I took the road bike out for a laugh. It wasn’t that funny actually with 100psi in 23cc tyres. Each pedal stroke flipped the bike sideways and left you cursing through a mouthful of snow. The mountain bike fared somewhat better but I think the enjoyment would have faded if a slidey journey to the station offered nothing more than the chance to ride home again.

According to the weather fairies, our massive four inch dump will be nothing more than slush and ice tomorrow. It’s about stopped now but it’ll be fun while it lasts.

A few more snowy shots Here.

Must have been fun for the rest of you going to work 🙂

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