A phone with a camera? That’ll never catch on

I’ve already had quite
alot to say about the sheer pointlessness of devices that claim to do anything you could ever possibly want but, in reality, do nothing very well at all. My SmartPhone nestles perfectly into this category with it’s head banging slowness, bastardised Windows apps and general unsuitability for making an receiving calls.

Occasionally though, the camera is quite fun.

If this works, it’s a direct post from Flickr. So I fully expect this picture to turn up on some other poor buggers’ blog. Good job I decided not the post the one with the goat then.

EDIT: Bloody Hell, that’s clever. I can now post pictures directly from the useless, over-hyped, irritatingly smug annoyance of the phone to the blog. How did I ever manage to survive without that?

Technology has the habit of creating fantastic solutions for which their are no obvious problems. You don’t agree? I give you Windows Vista and, at which point, the defense rests.

3 thoughts on “A phone with a camera? That’ll never catch on

  1. nickc

    I’ve decided that in reality the only other thing I use my phone for is a clock when I forget my watch. In future I will be judging all new technical devices on their ability to: a) do the thing I just bought it for, and b) to tell me the time. Everything else is just sales fluff.

  2. Alex

    A sound strategy. Apparently many “young people” today (that’s not us BTW) don’t buy watches anymore as they have phones.

    I dunno, what next, everyone sticks headphones in their ears and doesn’t talk to anyone else.


  3. Surely you’re not saying that Windows Vista is a fantastic solution to no obvious problem?

    Windows is an obvious problem. Vista is not the solution.

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