Soul Stealer

There are still certain people who believe an image taken by a camera will steal their souls. However, these individuals are not within my immediate surround which is made up of vainglorious riding buddies and children who’ve lived their life in the digital world.

One of the joys of digital photography is the immediacy of the whole experience; shoot, review, giggle or sigh and then again, again like an amped up teletubby. The whole anticipation/delay ratio of film never really stacked up for me, especially when the alternative was delivered into a world of now.

My short lived rental (ownership seems too strong a word) of the Canon 300D was mired only by its’ slow digital processing “ especially when compared to my S80 which is lightening quick “ small LCD panel and lack of fast FPS burst.

The monster! Flickr Picture

And in an amazing alignment of the karma planets, a chain of events, sales and purchases saw the 300D head northwards to my friend Mark, and a 400D replacement collected over a couple of pints last week from Bez.

As part of the deal, this monster 70-300mm lens (and with a 1.6 multiplier because of the smaller sensor that’s a whopping 110-480mm) was included which provides sufficient magnification to digitally download someones’ soul from about half a mile away. If there is ever a proper summers day and naked bathing become fashionably in sleepy Stone, I could get myself into proper trouble.

First impressions “ somewhat mitigated by not wishing to drown expensive electronics in the never ending world of wet “ are that image processing is as fast as my S80 and everything else is better. Whether this will deliver a similar uplift in performance to my photography skills is still in the balance.

All the gear and no idea? You betcha and it feels good 🙂

3 thoughts on “Soul Stealer

  1. I recently got an Olympus E400, and while having had a compact digital for a while, loved the ability to shoot ‘at speed’.

    First time out went to a Gorrick (recovering from a fall on DH3 at Aston Hill) and shot over 200, and once downloaded, got left with 20!

    I’m guessing you must live near me?

    Try our Blog (

  2. Alex

    Good God. You’ve been riding past my front door. There’s some kind of reverse stalker thing going on here 😉

    You know about Chiltern mud then? We probably share the same therapist. Obviously I am no where near 40 and therefore not eligible for your club. No, nowhere near, not even close, miles away.

    Month yesterday 🙁

    EDIT: Born and bred South Yorkshire boy from Sheffield currently twinned with Atlantis.

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