Pointless, stupid and lost

My friend Mark has had his hinged small wheeled nonsense stolen from just about outside our office on the Strand.
Two things about this surprise me. Firstly, Mark – who is a seasoned London commuter – should risk securing his bike with anything short of two hungry, rabid dogs and a tactical thermonuclear device on a motion sensor. Secondly, that someone would actually want to steal it.

Ruling out kleptomania, advanced mental illness or a desperate need for the middle hinge, one can only assume the scallie nicked el folderado because he believed that it’d be a useful getaway vehicle. He’s going to catch alot of flak from his mates with their tricked out Vauxhall Nova’s when he shows off his latest illegal aquisition.

Anyway, I’m sorry Mark’s lost it but he’s sensibly insured so has a better chance of getting the cash for it than ever seeing it again.

He does however have some other bikes to ride, most of them of similar silliness. The best result is that his insurance pays up, he buys something that is of the genus bicycle and the horrid folder is sold for scrap.

4 thoughts on “Pointless, stupid and lost

  1. You Arse Hedgehog!

    This closet jealousy is going to eat you up before long – you know you want one! 🙂

    M&S look like they may be divvying up to a later model (lighter, faster, less cheese-stitches), so I’ll race you down Hyde Park next time I’m in town.


    Oh, and if you fancy using losing money as a proxy for developing riding skills, I can highly recommend throwing some beertokens at one of Brant’s Scandal 29ers. There’s a whole new world of expenditure out there Al (Think wheels, forks, tyres, inners too for god’s sake!)

  2. Alex

    How can it be faster? Does it have proper wheels?

    29’er? Remember Mark, I’m a dwarf from the hips down. I couldn’t touch the floor. The only way I’m going to develop any riding skills is through photoshop.

  3. Mark

    Just had a call from the insurer’s supplier – there’s a 4 month bloody waiting list for Bromptons at the moment! How popular?!?

    Off to ring Ben Kinetics….

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