Isle Of Wet

The weather forecast was horribly accurate. The weather report explaining The IOW has had the highest rainfall in the UK this weekend was not required. As survivors of planetary terrors are oft know to declare You can’t imagine what it was like. I was there

The rain was blown in on steepling Atlantic winds, initially thrashing against a restrictive coastline of high cliffs before spiralling uncontained from a biblical sky over the remainder of the island.

It was still great though. Friendly, loads to do even in single digit temperatures and after the gales, we had a couple of days of pretty decent weather. Here’s a pictorial story until I can be arsed to write something.

Leaving Southampton in balmy weather.

Ventnor glass works. Amazing place. Make sure kids are left locked in the car. Expensive otherwise.

Seven degrees and blowing a gale. Tell you what, let’s go to the beach.

Not doing much business today.

Sun! Random takes full advantage.

Needles chairlift. Not my favourite.

Old Battery at Needles. Some of which had fallen into the sea.

Carnage at Needles park. Random rams her way through.

Needles or at least two of them.

Random runs out of cake. Not happy.

Going home in the nice weather. Still the bar was open.

Not shown, many ice creams, cream tea and more beer.

3 thoughts on “Isle Of Wet

  1. Alex

    Because she is 🙂 She’s merely loose change in the vast mint of life. Not stupid by any means but just a bit unconnected from the world. It’s very sweet really…

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