Inbox Trawl

A dophin-net like deep scourge of the odd stuff people send me brought these little tiddlers to the surface. Some are a little sexist, some are quite rude. If you don’t like that kind of stuff look away now.

It’s verbal’s birthday and she – through the power of small people exponential growth – has reached the age of eight. Her presents include a “Moon Hopper” which is clearly a plastic remake of the classic 1970’s pogo stick. From her attempts to pogo so far, I would not expect her to make her next birthday.

(EDIT: found a couple more, my inbox is a sea of internet driftwood)

So while you enjoy those, I’m going to spend my day off looking at doors. I fully expect a conversation with my better half to go something like “Yes, that’s a door and so’s that one and… tell me again what are we doing here?

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