20. Not out.

There’s a post waiting to be polished (think turd and you’ll understand the metaphor) poking fun at fish keeping and, a worryingly homo-erotic bit of written therapy around some man on man handling action I suffered last week. All in good time or – to be more precise – all during a good time with the beer fridge.

Instead, here are some mountain bikes. I wheeled them all out to steal their souls in case of theft. The insurance people do not believe I’ve spent that much money on bikes and demanded photographic proof. This did give me time to try out my new (to me) EOS 300D.

Bike Collection

After much reading of the manual and faffing around in the spirit of experimentation, it’s clear the camera is going to be ace but it is not quite good enough to make up for my lack of talent. A theme you could apply to the TWENTY – yep count ’em – bikes I have owned since this madness started in 2000. And they are just the ones I could find photos of. Still keeps the money supply humming nicely.

This is the oldest bike I own; a veteran at almost two years. Aside from the pedals, a bit of the drivechain and the seatpost, none of it mirrors the bespoke, hand picked parts build that was originally delivered.

It’s just a hobby, ok? And I’ve got some things to say on that later 🙂

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