Extreme LED sheep video

No I didn’t type that wrong.

Sheep on YouTube

There are clearly people out there with too much time on their hands. And I, for one, could not be happier.

The re-enaction of ZX81 tennis is, without doubt, the most amusing thing I’ve seen done to sheep for a very long time*

2.44 minutes of pure genius. Right back to work, I’ll try and write something amusing, soon. Although I’d be inclined to pin my hopes on “soon” and “something” 😉

EDIT: I’ve shown this to a few people, and there are those souls with no imagination in their hearts that say it’s a fake. I KNOW it’s a fake, I don’t care. It’s still brilliant.

* that I’m prepared to admit too.

2 thoughts on “Extreme LED sheep video

  1. Richard MacNeil


    Enjoyed that immensely. Only my current state of inebriation is encouraging me to bore you with my inane drivel. Still, your nonsense does make me slightly happier when wine isn’t appropriate (i.e. at work).

    Did I mention that I may not be completely sober?

  2. Alex

    Sobriety is the curse of the working classes. Slip in a cheeky red into a water bottle, and tell all your colleagues it’s raspberry juice with a hint of grape.

    The stats tell me many things. Most of which I don’t understand but it does seem the site gets most hits during working hours. Makes perfect sense to me, you wouldn’t want to waste your own time reading this 😉

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