Buckle up

The old busy working excuse must again be trotted out, as the primary reason why the hedgehog has resisted any signs of springing out of hibernation since last week.

This ongoing ‘having to work for a living‘ issue has also had to fit around Random contracting Chicken Pox (the day after we brought the chickens home – coincidence? I think not), increasingly frantic activity around heating systems, frustration over floor heights, mental gurning trying to sort difficult electrics, and the imminent prospect of great big sodding trenches being dug.

Fear not, electronic therapy shall be rolled out as early as tomorrow with six hours of train time to fill. I’m very excited about the workshop/office/re-homing of the beer fridge which is currently being machined out of solid, er, woody stuff in a big shed in Hereford. And I know you’ll be almost as excited to hear some more about that 😉

In the meantime, let me leave you with this: slipping on the corporate disguise after riding in this morning, was an unusually uplifting experience. As I’ve had to tighten my belt another notch to stop my trousers falling down*. Okay my knee is pretty well buggered, and commuting at this time of year is fraught with issues around “thermal shrinkage”, but ANOTHER NOTCH and one that has never been used before.

This cheered me up so much, I immediately dispatched an enormous bacon sandwich to celebrate 🙂

* Still frowned upon in our offices. Seems a little old fashioned to me.

6 thoughts on “Buckle up

  1. Alex

    Dieting? Hah, I’m thinking of changing my name to “Mr Ed” by deed pole. Honestly, nothing in the house is safe. Broccoli in the fridge h’mm sounds lovely, bit of door, that’d go well with some cheese. And those chickens have been looking more and more like nuggets every day!

    Training? Nah, riding as much as I can because I’m shitting myself about the HONC which is less than three weeks away. Oh Yes.

  2. NBT

    Another notch? I had to buy new trousers over Christmas. 6 bloody pairs of trousers are’t cheap, I might haver to stop cycling to work so much!

  3. Alex

    6 Pairs? How many legs have you got? I’m sure the last time I saw you, it was a non alien 2 🙂

    I bought a new suit the other days. It’s funny, 42 inch chest, 34inch waist to get over my fat cycling thighs and then get them taken up (genetically dwarf type legs) and in (riding through winter with people who believe hurting their cycling buddies is their god given right).

    Either I’m a funny shape, or there’s some fat old bastards out there 😉

  4. NBT

    6 pairs of trousers so there’s always one in the wardrobe, they might sit in the laundry pile for weeks on end

    and just to make you jealous, I was 32″ waist before I lost weight. Downside is I can’t find 3/4 cycling shorts or knee warmers to fit me, Endura M tights won’t go over my thights while their L tights are hanging off my measly calf muscles

  5. Ian

    Blimey Al.. good going chap, personally, I don’t think that you’ve done anything different, you just haven’t put yourself out of action by riding into large immoveable objects.. (I hope that’s not tempting fate..)
    Sounds like you’re going to be putting in a good show at the HONC 🙂

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