Cycling Myth#3: Ice riding is a winter sport

Riding mountain bikes in winter presents certain challenges. Many of these are around removing ones warm body from the bed to do battle with mud, rain and other general unpleasentness. Another is trying to earn enough money to fund entire drivetrains to replace those lost to the grinding paste of winter.

Once actually on the bike, riding ice is generally a precurser to landing on your arse but even with this historical precedent, some riders insist that through a combination of slick bike control, balls of steel and a smattering of good luck, they can glide serenely over any challenge.

This weekend in the Quantocks, one such foolhardy soul goes by the name of Nigel. Here his attempts are mapped out through the magic of photography.

The challengeThe challenge

A 30 foot long ice sheet glistening evilly under an azure sky. We all detoured around with the respect such an obstacle demands. But the gravitational pull of the focal lens was too much for one of our party.

The challenger

Nigel “Elephant Rider Extrordinaire” slips onto the ice sheet. As you can see, his front wheel has seen the danger ahead and made a command decision to turn sharply towards safety. As you can also clearly see, turning the bars makes absolutely no difference to his direction of travel.

The FaceThe face

Yes check out that face; the face that lauched a thousand shits. Nigel is regretting his decision to dispel myth#3 while simultaneously coming to terms with an icy face plant heading his way.
The Result

Nigel demonstrates the ancient art of eskimo fishing by plunging his gloves below the ice. Excellent technique especially as he’s also had to content with throwing himself off the bike.

The Aftermath

“Just chuck it away Andy” Nigel pleads. He’s not happy with that bike at all. It may be lacking useful bike like functionality such as being able to climb hills but it’s superbly equipped as am ice pick!

5 thoughts on “Cycling Myth#3: Ice riding is a winter sport

  1. Nug

    I would have cleaned it if it weren’t for the excess baggage sureptitiously placed in my camelbak at the start of the ride…..

  2. Alex

    Heaviest bike, full of cold and your supposed mate dumps a weighty chain lube in your pack. Without so much as a breezy “would you mind fella, I think the elephant can take it”. Who’d do that eh? Dunno but it rhymes with Mandy 🙂

  3. Nug

    It wasn’t just the weight, I’m convinced he didn’t have the top screwed on properly so the lube leaked out and onto the rear wheel which in turn lead to a severe failure in the stick-e rubber/ice interface, followed by “where’s that fish, I’m hungry”..

  4. the gnome

    Scampers off into the undergrowth, whistling that little ditty by Mr Bowie.

    It could not have leaked, it was empty anyway 😉

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