Woger Wog!

Woger and out!

Shonky phone pic showing the end of the first commute. Proper pea-souper it was this morning which pushed any thoughts of how the bike rode behind “where the bloody hell is the road then?”

However, some implications of swapping from the Angel-Delight Boardman to the Iron-Bru Ribble are apparent. Firstly, a combination of a couple of kg weight difference and that insanely small rear cassette will likely be Making a Man of Me.

Or possibly an Internet Shopper looking to purchase a cassette with more teeth to make up for my less leg. Failing that, would a MTB block look out of place?

Mudguards are ace. Official. The hiss of road moistness being diverted down the shallow silver culvert is really quite gratifying. As are dry feet, and a bike the same colour at the end of the journey as the start.

The tyres are clearly remoulds from a Russian tractor and the saddle appears to be more in the Testicle “lift and separate” mould than providing much comfort for my arse, but otherwise we’re good to go for Winter.

With the caveat that the big climb at the end of the ride home can be dispatched without whimpering or walking.

3 thoughts on “Woger Wog!

  1. I don’t really get mudguards, it has to be said. I find the wettest and muddiest bits of me after a ridfe are my face, my hands and my shoes. I’ve never been clear on how mudguards will stop the last two and the first one washes in a couple of seconds. I suppose my bum gets a bit wet in proper wet weather but ho hum. It’s only an hour or so of riding and I pack dry shorts for the ride home anyway. Seems easier.

  2. Alex

    Well it was wet and muddy this morning, and my shoes, hands and face are gloriously un-muddy or moist. Still this is all on the road. Without ‘guards my other road bike used to be brown every ride and I just can’t be arsed to wash it.

    The Ribble will get washed occasionally. If it rains.

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