What’s missing from this picture?

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a) Summer

b) My new frame

By the time b) arrives, a) shall either be over or it’ll be all lovely and sunny. And late August. I like to think of myself of man of action and would proudly hold up the bike rationalisation strategy as proof of my single minded drive to take an A and make it into a Z.

Closer examination may reveal that intermediate letters such a F[Financial review], P[Plan] and S[Sale of discarded frames] have been passed over in a hand waving ‘it’ll all be fine, cost neutral? Of course” scenario. It’ll will be fine of course, less bikes, more riding, less useless tat, more handy spares, less lamenting poor purchasing decisions, more making new excuses for the current ensemble.

The conclusion I’m slowing coming to is I quite enjoy building bikes, I certainly enjoy riding them and many of my friends can offer weary evidence to my enthusiasm for talking about them. I just need to cut out the bit marked “pointless upgrades” especially if it coincides with the financial blast zone of wine and eBay.

It’s just not going to happen is it?

Oh I missed c) It’s the wrong house. The move date of the 18th seems to be hurtling towards a test case where I harpoon the solicitor and throw myself at the mercy of the legal system. Because not only are they – and I must issue a pre vernacular warning here – sodding useless, they also appear to have taught Pace Racing the complex art of non delivery.

2 thoughts on “What’s missing from this picture?

  1. Doug

    Nice shocks Al… I (finally) managed to snaffle a pair of 426’s with Air U-Turn and Poploc remote a couple of weeks ago and they have transformed the Enduro completely…. All I need now is new brakes and a new frame and it will be a case of “no honey, of course I haven’t bought a new bike….!” 🙂

  2. Alex

    Doug and so it goes. Welcome to the world of the Stealth upgrade. There’s been so much action in the bike shed lately, I’ve had trading standards round asking if I’ve running some kind of second hand bike business.

    If it were a business, I’d be posting a bit of a loss 😉

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