The folders’ folder. They said it couldn’t be done.

And yet clearly bonkers British Inventor has lowered the bar even further with this.

Riding the A-bike

It’s wrong on a whole range of levels. Those wheels belong on a child’s scooter. Haven ridden my kid’s two wheel death machines, I can confirm they are essentially a fatal accident waiting to happen. Their only saving grace is it’s not far to fall when the inevitable wobbly wheeled shrubbery incident occurs, normally about 2 seconds after mounting the thing.

Clive’s monstrosity ratchets up the terror by precariously positioning the pilot “ although I prefer the word victim “ way up there on some dodgy space frame. It’s going to either drop into a London pothole and disappear into the Earth’s crust or wheelie like a cocaine fuelled Lippenzipper stallion and dump the idiot that bought it from the back pages of a Sunday Magazine on his arse and probably under a bus.

Still Natural selection eh? The mail order Dodo was made extinct under the no.93 bus to Crouch End. Shame.

Laughably during the launch (oh what an appropriate term that is), it was comprehensively burnt off by a Brompton. Yes, my hinged nemesis was seen as the sensible” solution to folding cycles. The world has gone mad. Sir Clive didn’t feel the urge to ride it but then I guess he wants to enjoy his old age down the shed creating solutions to problems nobody “ except those voices in his head “ has. Remember the Zike Bike?

Still it’s a proper singlespeed. Pointless, dysfunctional, unlikely to be ridden more than two miles and latterly abandoned in the back of the garage, crouching embarrassed in the shadows.

Full story here: if you must.

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