Somedays I hate my Inbox

Queen Charlotte Ride, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

As head slopper-outer of the dark and fetid corners of other peoples’ inbox’s, I feel I am suffering enough. But what – you may well ask – is my reward for this tireless mopping up such a litany of disasters? A thankful pat on the shoulder, perhaps? A kind word to still my weary angst?

Not a bit of it, that picture is what. Time differences with our antipodean cousins ensure that this image is projected up front and personal in my to do list. It was captured and digitally flung across the electronic oceans by my friend Doug. The fact he was just off the ferry on the South Island and heading into 100k of New Zealand’s best singletrack didn’t exactly make me feel better.

On the upside, in ten weeks we’ll be enjoying a similar view with – oh please let it be so – similar summer weather. On the downside, the world outside our door appears to have exploded. My commute is now jauntinally nautical with storm force gusts and horizontal rain.

I no longer corner, I tack. Tomorrow I may have a go at jibbing although I’m not absolutely sure what is involved in that procedure. Sounds vaguely sexual “Yes indeedy, I gave the wife a damn good jibbing last night“.

Right I’m off to baton down the hatches and splice the mainbrace. But in a contemporary twist, I shall be using powertools.

2 thoughts on “Somedays I hate my Inbox

  1. Mark

    “I no longer corner, I tack. Tomorrow I may have a go at jibbing although I™m not absolutely sure what is involved in that procedure.”

    It’s like tacking, only performed downwind. Which might be a good idea after your night in Reading. 😉

  2. Nug

    Oh that view brings back a few memories! The QCW is an awesome trail – I’ve walked some of it and was going to ride it when I was there a few years back but a few bruised ribs from my first ride in Auckland saw that one off 🙁 I blame Pev for going to fast…

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