Snow Joke

Our garden at 8am, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

Pitching up like an infrequent but frequently amusing old friend. Sticking around long enough for a whole bunch of silly fun, before buggering off leaving you with hankering for a little bit more and a whole lot of mess to clear up.

Snow (26 of 45)Snow (25 of 45)

That’s snow in April folks. Eight hours after braving sub zero temperatures to capture a snowy Buckinghamshire, the snow has gone but the cold remains.

Snow (10 of 45)Snow (21 of 45)

Sufficient time to build a snowman, engage in a massive snowball fight and perfect the little known winter sports derivative known as organic sledging. Take a hillside covered with rapidly melting snow, install a ski trousered child at the start gate, perform a bob sleigh welly lifting start and collect shrieking child from the bottom of the slope.

Snow (43 of 45)Snow (44 of 45)

A choice between this and a wintry odyssey through contingency houses was really no choice at all. Plus, all that riding has brought home the unpleasant realisation that I can no longer even burn the candle at one end.

Snow (45 of 45)

Still nothing wrong with an afternoon snooze, blanketed by Sunday paper mountain is there?

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