Skeletons in the closet

I found myself accidently re-directed to my old and turgidly slow fotopic account. And in there lurked many devilish photographs from days before someone introduced me to Flickr. I could not help but share them with you. First up is Steve “Watty” Watkins in the Chilters. Or in the Chilterns mud to be more accurate – looks like the middle of summer as the grimy slop seems still to be warm.

Below are a few more, some of whom who I still share my rides with, some who have decamped half way round the world so they no longer have to. There’s even one of me – predictably mincing. If you spot yourself, feel free to own up, and attempt to explain exactly what was going on to make you do/wear/look like that 🙂

Mike on the frozen lake at dunsmore Singlespeeds just a technical step too far for Al One day, many gurns Oh baby that gurns

Yes Andy it's a water bottle. Well done Best thing that could have happened to that jacket Nick does Matron

Dave demonstrates how to ride in the snow. Not. Our version of That's proper Northern mincing in the peaks Mike with a bad hangover. Can you tell?

Not so much a fashion crime, more a war crime. I've never liked you either TIm challenges James in the

Jay goes fishing for his supper Andy The result Martyn at the end of his SPD manual demo

Click on the thumbnails and they’ll load eventually. I think fotopic’s hamster is well past his best.

Many happy memories in that lot 🙂

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