Oops, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

The riderless plunge through a garden of hard edged rocks took its toll on both rider and bike. Although how the hell I managed to dent it there is a complete mystery!

Tim “Mr Fork” Flooks assures me that fork crowns are cast and so as butch as a lesbian Marine.

Sadly bars, grips and other assorted items were transformed from purposeful, working components to skip food during the transition between wheels right side up and wheels merely acting as attractors for more gravity.

I have to stop crashing. It’s getting expensive. The upside is the customisation of the bikes makes them essentially unsaleable. Which probably leaves me with no option but to ride them.

2 thoughts on “Oops

  1. The Team Metrosexual

    Is it just the Hummer that serially unseats you or are all your steads equally unruly?

  2. Alex

    It is a skill that transcends all bicycles regardless of their type, cost or intended usage.

    A unicycle for me would essentially be assisted suicide.

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