Oh Shit.

That is all.

Well not quite. Don’t pretend you’re not all laughing. Because I can hear you. One year on from the last time I deposited it into a tree, and after all that extra time flying, the hours on the simulator, the apparent occasional element of control and it only bloody well ends up there again.

50 feet up there to be precise. I have found I am not much good at throwing sticks. And, when I became very bored of not being very good at that, I tried climbing a tree. I was even worse at this.

It was all going so well. Circuits, landings even a loop. And then a combination of fading battery and a panic turn the wrong way saw the plane land undamaged. Fifty foot in a tree.

I have no idea how I am going to get it down. I am considering setting fire to the tree.

I am now off to ride my bike hoping that my tree hugging tendencies stop at crashing RC aircraft.

4 thoughts on “Oh Shit.

  1. Dave

    ooor find some poor unsuspecting kid, offer him£5 to climb up the tree and get it for you, then when he/she comes down take the plane off him and jump back into your car scarpering quickly..

    just don’t use your own children for this as i’m sure you’d never live it down.

  2. Alex

    LOL @ John HV. It’s still there. It’s a bit further down now and a bit more broken but as unattainable as before. Carol’s trying cunning ways to get it back, I’m having a beer.

    Still on the upside, nobody stole it 😉 I am also considering either Nigel’s chainsaw idea. Or Arson.

    Dave – the trees are pretty much dead. They’ll take the weight of say a small rc plane but even the thinest child is going to end up head down in the river.

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