Launch that hedgehog!

I thought I would share this amusing little game because it’s quite fun and extremely topical. Chuck the spikey little bugger into space to win the game, and judge how good you are when compared to my score. I’ll not tell you how well I did, but be certain your best effort is never going to be quite as good 🙂

Tenuously linked to punting hedgehogs into the stratosphere is my nail biting worry of upgrading the ancient technology underpinning this site. The version of WordPress I am using is only one revision about a stone tablet and a big chisel. Taking a quick look a the copious documentation. it seems the chances of performing a successful upgrade are about as likely as me keeping both my testicles, if I buy that cross bike.

Any readers do the WordPress thing? Offers of help will earn you nothing more than a virtual beer and a namecheck that at least one other person will read. My Mum’s good like that 😉

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