Hedgehog v2..

. and a bit. 2.6.1 apparently. The upgrade wasn’t without some technical trauma. I was forced to use every trick of 20+ years hardcore computer skills to bring old hedgy back to life*. This included “installing the files in the right directory” and a somewhat embarrassing “Read the bloody instructions

I am awash in plug-ins and new features and all sorts of flashy shit that are probably soon to be filed under a bin marked “pointless marketing“. However, that’ll all have to wait for another lunch hour when boredom is the key feature.

In the meantime, the RSS feed should be unspammed and you’ll be delighted to hear the entire back catalogue of articles has been dumped to disk. Just think of the loss to the nation if we’d lost nearly three years of all this shit eh?

* up to and including “Waving the Lucky Chicken” over the keyboard. I can see the old IT sages nodding with me now.

7 thoughts on “Hedgehog v2..

  1. dave

    what the? i pop away for a weekend getting drenched in the flatlands and come back to……… a black whole of nothingness..
    clearly the LHC thingy isn’t broken and mad scientists are taking over the WORLD.

    don’t push that buttong Al (or should i say AI) nooooooooooooo….

  2. Alex

    Just clicked that link Olly. Fantastic. Although Horse, stable door and bolted spring to mind in terms of its current usefulness… I’ve installed it anyway just for the look of the thing.

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