It’s in the balance..

Nissan UK are squirming and stalling in the telephonic image of our most statesmanlike politicians. First it was “was it dealer serviced?” and then “where?” and now “which dealer did you buy it from?” Still, no decision on whether they are going to pony up for their illicit altercations with the frenchies, but by drawing a line between their points of misdirection, I’ve divined:

a) They are probably going to pay for some of it

b) They may do this before I am too old to continue driving

c) They are going to be shit out of luck if they think the dealer is paying, since I bought it from a one man Internet band residing in a posh shed.

Tomorrow I’m off to Athens but shall continue to annoy the proxy garage who are responding to Nissan’s never ending questions. Because if 4 hours of economy travel from Terminally Bored 5 isn’t bad enough, the prospect of a still leaky car when I’m finally allowed back into the country certainly is.

As part of my ongoing discovery/head in hands voyage into the murky depths of Nissan ownership, it seems the poor bugger has already suffered a Turbo transplant at 10,000 miles. Assuming I’ve purchased the Lemon’s lemon then – by the time my feet touch the shores of ol’ blighty again – the wheel arches will have rusted, the electrics fused and the CD player mutated to a permanent bump’n’grind setting.

Having just told the nurse at the health centre, I barely drink at all and never in the week, guess which localised cold spot I’m heading to now? And while you’re at it, have a dash at the percentage of the repair the oily oiks at Nissan are going to offer. My starter for 10 is 50{45ac9c3234d371044e23e276755ef3a4dde8f1068375defba7d385ca3cd4deb2}, but then I always was a deluded optimist 😉

EDIT: Deluded and indeed wrong. Nissan decided not to honour any “goodwill” as I was not a loyal customer. The crux of their argument was I had not been loyal to the brand and the car was no longer in the dealer network, and they couldn’t see any reason to help. My counter argument went something like “it’s a known problem, half of it has already been fixed under warranty, the car has 20k miles on it, it is 2 WEEKS out of warranty and has been dealer serviced. The only difference is I bought it off a bloke in a shed who had BOUGHT IT FROM THE DEALER“.

I took a breath and pointed out it was hard to show brand loyalty when I had only just bought into the brand and my first experience was Nissan giving me the bums’ rush. I further moved to close the discussion with a simple “Okay, I’ll never show any loyalty now, I’ll go back to Honda [wince from other end of the phone], I will use the awesome media power of the hedgehog to disparage their products, and further they can expect to receive a VERY STRONGLY WORDED LETTER

That left them quaking I can tell you. They even promised to re-open the case in order to stall for another day, before telling me to get stuffed. So, as expected, it’s down to the customer to receive no satisfaction and a large bill. Someone once told me it’s ten times harder to get a new customer than retain an existing one.

Did anyone tell Nissan?

3 thoughts on “It’s in the balance..

  1. bruce

    It seems I was wrong, its a Land Rover really!

    The wife’s went in for its 24k/2yr service, apart from robbing us of the best part of£500 there were two small items on the invoice:

    1 replaced leaking intercooler pipes
    2 replaced seal on rear diff

    What was wrong I asked, nothing said the service department, the parts had just worn out…

  2. Andy

    It’s bad Karma clearly – If you tell the nurse the truth about your drinking, maybe your luck will change. Then again, maybe she won’t believe how you can possibly still be alive if you tell her the truth!

  3. Alex

    After the first night in Athens, I rather wish I hadn’t been 😉

    Bruce I’m pretty sure the doc is going to say the same about my liver.

    Anyway Nissan stumped up half in the end after significant badgering from yours truly. Better than nothing, not as good as them actually being a proper car company!

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