It’s all got dark. Part ii

Cold and Dark have stormed the seasons through unwanted planetary revolution. Rain and wind will inevitably follow and lock out the light for the next six months. Joy. A slicing headwind cut through the thin summer clothing defences this morning, so I arrived at the station shivery and little miserable.

Chiltern Railways responded by slipping in their Fall Timetable which grants them an extra hour or so in case there is a leaf on the line. More than one leaf, and the whole shebang gets cancelled for a couple of days.

Bad Karma is generally an ASBO threesome, so it was hardly a surprise that the two tiny pleasures of the train journey were cruelly denied me. It was only when firmly seated, with the pinging of the closing doors for company, did I realise my freshly poured but lamentably untested coffee and pristine newspaper were on the wrong side of the window.

Having indulged in a bit of comedy stretching, these carefully placed mandatory train companions were pitilessly abandoned as the early arriving train caught me grunting away at a tight hamstring. I waved them a sad goodbye as the train exited the station leaving me with fifty minutes of captivity and nothing to do with it. I filled the first five looking out of and pulling faces in the window. This dulled to the point of such tedium, that I was forced to do some work instead “ well at least write down in great detail a list of things I had little intention of doing.

And the most painful thing? Is it the prospect of a hundred slogging commutes through another testicle shrivelling winter? No? Then it must be the full horror of losing twelve hours a week to the travelling grind? Not that either, it’s the simple fact that there’s£1.65 I won’t be seeing again and I bet some bloody Daily Mail reader nicked my commuting stash for their cat litter.

Or maybe it’ll still be there, preserved by the honest citizens of Aylesbury Vale, lovingly wrapped in a waterproof box, with a tasteful note and a small box of chocolates, as befits a man of my status.

It’s the cat litter isn’t it?

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