It must be mud, mud, mud..

With Mudtain* Mayhem just a few days away, this photo seemed entirely appropriate. Only last night was I covered in sticky red mud, flayed by aggressive vegetation and bitten by creatures known only as ‘lumpy arm givers’. Nothing to do with riding, I was merely visiting that special type of club so loved by the FIA president. Allegedly.

So muddy right now, and a storm has recently decamped – with a look of some permanence – on the doorstep. The forecast could be better spelt ‘meteorological portent of imminent doom‘ which fully justifies both my smugness and the decision to turn down a last minute offer to ride. Instead, my plan is to trundle the five miles to Eastnor Castle, truffle my way through the beers of various riding friends, before wobbling home to a bed that is neither on the floor or inside a moist tent.

Since I’m into recycling other people’s work, here are some more. Finally the BBC takes up the righteous cause of StupidSpeak(tm) – one of the many curses of corporate culture. I don’t know if it is rooted in self importance or the belief that turd polishing somehow takes the eye away from what is, at the end of the day, going forward, still a turd.

Either way, my focus is on teaming leading an idea pool to cruxmollify** the low hanging fruit, through a process of seamless boundary interactions, into a organisationally transitioned leveraged key outcome.

In layman’s terms, I am off in search of a cup of tea.

* It really should be called “2000 Lycra fetishists chasing each other round a small field. Reasons unknown“.

** I may have made that word up. But because Corporate sheep follow StupidSpeak, I shall experiment with it in some finely crafted emails. I fully expect someone will ‘let me know it is right on their radar

7 thoughts on “It must be mud, mud, mud..

  1. nickc

    No no, you can’t make words up, one must steal them from an in-appropriate source, and the in-appropriate source most beloved of corporate organisations is the Military.

    Try “Mission Creep”

    I got told that by an IT nerd the other day to describe the fact that at first I wanted my computers networked, and then I remembered later that I wanted them to all use the same printer as well…He then told me this was “Mission Creep”. I told him to f**k off, I’d do it myself….

  2. We’ll be there riding the same vaguely hilly field for a day too.

    Look out for the black and red jerseys with “riding not racing on them”

    Fat Lad

  3. Alex

    IT guys eh? Pen protectors by day, illicit copies of guns’n’ammo under the bedclothes by night. Most proper nutters have had a bad case of Powerpoint in their recent history.

    FatLad – hope to see you there. I’ll be the one riding round with the smug expression of a man not racing at all!

  4. nickc

    I’m having a BBQ at home with the people that I would have been riding with had we not got drunk and fallen asleep instead of filling in the form for MM…

  5. Alex

    Porcupine Rim from the very top? Fruita? Dry Moab singletrack? Sounds rubbish 😉

    Nick – on reflection probably one of your finest decisions.

    Ian – not too late to pull the emergency hamstring!

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