Insufficiently motivated

A while ago I whittered on about a state I’m now thinking of as Schroedinger’s Hamster* while waiting for my appraisal. Kind of not sure what’d happen next and wondering if noxious gasses may be involved. However, the complete strangers that most of you are got me through it, although I’m still not sure if the chicken suit AND chicken were not showing rather too much keenness.

Anyway, connected by the most tenuous of threads to that is this. We’ve all been subjected to those motivational posters with such dreadful propositions such as “There is no I in team” and “To see far lands, you must lose sight of the shore“. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking why isn’t there a “The Drugs Don’t Work but they get us through till 5pm” or “My boss is a big fat fuck of an arse but I’m licking it as I need the cash“.

Well there is. And it’s here. Welcome to a firm that has spent many hours devising anti-corporate posters of which a goodly percentage will – I promise you – end with your breakfast sprayed over the monitor. My personal favourite, as a man with something of the night about him, is:

Honestly, I could post them all but in an agony of picking just one more, this one had to be the winner:

External Link

They ship them from the US for not much cash and as a Christmas present will provide far more longevity and enjoyment that a rainbow jumper or novelty tie.

Go and support these people. There cannot be a free marketplace that doesn’t allow such genius to survive

* Name changed because I was tempted to do a necrophiliac pussy joke and nobody deserves that.

5 thoughts on “Insufficiently motivated

  1. Mark (shurely?)

    and the Pessimist’s Mug.

    Not to be seen in a po-faced HR training day presentation any time now. Big Picture Learning, anyone? Or Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Don’t get me started. (Bugger, too late.)

  2. Alex

    Thanks Mark, there were many things wrong with that link. I blame the drink 🙂

    I shudder to think someone believes I am a “Human Resource”. I intend to tell them my resource has been exhausted due to “global drinking”.

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