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See that post down there? It out of date by exactly one bike. This absolutely is not my fault although any help you can offer to counter the argument “When we booked to go to NZ, you promised not to buy any more bikes” would be appreciated. Right now I’m going with “I forgot” but it’s a bit thin.

I am clearly a proper cod in need of battering. But – in my defense – I was about pay the fella who generously lent me Verty Heft some months ago. But, in a never to be repeated planetary alignment, the tractor beam that is Sideways Cycles pulled in my feebly resisting wallet with an offer that no sane man could refuse.

No sane man who doesn’t value his testicles anyway.

So when the option is between saving a few quid, making good on a deal with a mate and working a bit harder on the hills, against spunking/wasting/profligately hosing investing a small sum on a super light and frisky frame, predictably I capitulated.

I’m sure it’ll be fine though. I’ve asked Tim to package in the shape of an interesting Christmas present for Carol, bribed posty to sneak it round the back and popped round the local sports shop for a cricket box.

It’s going to be fine. Isn’t it? 😉

6 thoughts on “Hold the front page

  1. brad

    the word is similar to “twit”
    Dude,, if it was an overbuilt heavy and justifiable waste of money, i would be applauding but a “super light and frisky frame” oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…I think you have enough of that sort of thing.
    PS can you send me your trailstar seeing as you dont deserve it .

  2. Alex

    Too late, Adam has the Trailstar. We’re off to do a “Brad Revival” Street ride next week in Oxford. I have the dentist booked as I don’t expect my signature move “the fork slam” to be any less dangerous that when we went.

    I am calm in the face of fiscal irresponsibility. It’s not like it’s the first time 😉

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