In leiu of any proper writing..

… updates have been made to the “Reader’s Choice” and “How Many Bikes pages. The former lowers the bar for grammar and punctuation, while the latter represents the revolving door bike rental policy.

The barn is actually looking partially burgled. With the Unicog of Wintry Hell banished to the leaky shed and the Trailstar on long term loan to a friend who may actually ride it properly, there is plenty of space for…. something else.

Although I feel a conversation which starts “I’ve been thinking about my Christmas presents….” may end with a man suffering a near fatal rolling pin based injury. An out-pouring of Christmas spirit may follow, but only if the liquid in question was TCP.

Anyway I’ve asked Coca-Claus to deliver – with the traditional Yuletide hangover – a set of God Like riding skills and some tablets to inhibit my shiny buy compunction gland.

I’m expecting only the hangover.

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