Herefordshire’s finest WW1 Trench Experience

Now under development. Exclusive photos below:

Ready to add the “firing step”

Stop before you hit the big shed! Yes it really is that orange. No, we don’t know why, it’s not the colour on the tin.

I’m hoping that’s not “finished”.

Back to work, thankfully I am 60 miles from the digger carnage. Unfortunately I’ll be back there later. Probably testing the trenches by falling in.

5 thoughts on “Herefordshire’s finest WW1 Trench Experience

  1. Alex

    Why not 🙂 Okay, ground source heat pump needs the pipes to be buried 1m in the ground. I’ve just hurdled the trench system to gain access to the house. Considered making a jump so I can just launch the cross bike into its’ resting place.

    With my history tho, probably not!

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