Dragon Flies.


FoD etc (13 of 16), originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

Not a proper fire-breathing, talon clawed dragon of course. It is not quite that rural out here, and anyway we have the Mother-in-Law for that kind of scaly action*

Actually that’s not even a dragon fly. It’s a damsel fly that has some sexual attribution issues as it is a boy damsel. This is the kind of thing you need to learn way out west, along with:

a) A sheep sheerer can “do” 200 animals in a 10 hour day. Not even at my peak as a proper Yorkshireman could I even get close to that. We may be talking different “do” tho!

FoD etc (16 of 16) FoD etc (15 of 16)

b) The riding is pretty damn fine. Ian – Scorpion Pit Overlord of this Parish – took me into the dark woods, before telling me that wild boars still gored the odd innocent MTB’r and his ring tone was Dueling Banjo’s. I think he was joking…..

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c) Wild Geese make more noise than braying sheep. Both make ALOT of noise.

d) Show a 7 and 9 year old a deep pond with a jetty protruding into the deep and end they will throw themselves in. Even if the temperature is willy-shrinking cold.

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The Big Log is rather a nice way to sidle into rural life. Tomorrow, tho, I shall be striking out on the voyage of discovery that is the Midland Mainline service. A sneak peak at Ledbury station created a mental jolt that maybe Chiltern Railways weren’t that bad after all!

FoD etc (6 of 16) FoD etc (3 of 16)

It did however provide an opportunity for my London based fiscal model to be truly challenged. “How much is it to park here then?” / “Pay to park? No one would do that round here” was the response from a man who sidled off throwing a worried “wooah lunatic in the town” glances over his shoulder.

* Carol, it’s a joke ok? Don’t put me out with the cat!

2 thoughts on “Dragon Flies.

  1. DanLees

    You live in a log cabin now? That sounds/looks Awesome (note the capital A).

    Is it a temporary thing or more permanent?


  2. Alex

    It’s temporary. We needed somewhere we could rent by the week and this was the best of the bunch by some distance.

    I am seriously considering riding a bike off the end of the pier, if

    a) I can find one with flats
    b) It is not mine

    In a month, the “build them a cabbage and they shall come” should be within our grasp. Still not in a mass rush TBH 🙂

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