Dog Walking

I appreciate that this is apparently self-evident from the picture. But it’s not just a noun, it’s a proper noun as Dog” the Dog remains unnamed until a new owner takes him on.

I wanted to be that new owner. Dog is a min-murf really, extremely placid, friendly and eater of anything. Indeed closer examination of the picture reveals a fat belly caused by snout-down thievery of his mum’s food bowl earlier that morning.

My argument for two dogs is simple; it’s like kids “ two aren’t really more difficult that one, they can amuse one and other, they’ll look after you when you’re old and occasionally do something useful like unloading the dishwasher*

Carol’s position is somewhat contrary to this. She tells me if we add another dog to the household, then- one second later – a wife shall be subtracted from same household. I’m trying to think of this as her starter for a negotiating position.

But it seems as if Dog will remain un-named and unclaimed for a while longer. Unless I can smuggle him under cover of darkness, and pretend we’ve just bought a big kitten. Barking? Yes, they all do that, quite the new thing!

* I didn’t say it was a good argument

3 thoughts on “Dog

  1. Nig

    Smuggle the Murf lookalike in after getting Carol properly drunk and then just tell her she’s seeing double. Not sure what the medium and long term plan is though..

  2. two children are twice as much trouble as one,(i speak from experience) so it follows two dogs are more trouble than one, so i think carol has a point . i fear for you and nig if you follow his plan you both may live to regret it big time. mum

  3. Alex

    Who says that context is lost in the written word then 😉 Honestly what kind of nutter would try and smuggle a dog in? No, I’m not that nutter.

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