Do you know what it is yet?

Winter Project (3), originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

Somewhere in this rambling pantheon of cast off idols is a 4th generation niche which fell so far from grace, Beelzebub himself may well be pedalling it through the gates of hell.

It was dispatched in that flag-nailing manner of “never again” that often secures nothing more than a petard* for one to be hung from. It’s in the bucket of lies which includes “I’ll never drink again“, “I’ll never send an email when I’m spittingly angry” and “That’s all the bikes I need, thanks

The aftermath of the first night ride of the winter suggests that Roger is a little too sensitive to be flung through the grinding paste that makes up the trail surface this time of the year. The PA is too fat in terms of tyres and forks, the SX is an insane enough idea to have me sectioned, and I’m twitchy enough already which rules taking the DMR out.

Winter Project (2)Winter Project (1)

The answer is there for all to see. But with my normal niche chasing madness, I’ve carved out a further fissure. Much of this genre are pretty light because they are missing what I’ve come to think of as “vital components”. Not this chunky monster, hewn from the mountains of heavy, draped with kit that satisfies two from the three “cheap, strong, light” matrix. However, it was essentially free and lucky buggers can’t be choosers.
Winter ProjectWinter Project (4)

An explosion of this parts bin shows me missing only a set of brakes and some transmission gubbins. So there is a very good chance the green monster may make it onto the trails in the next couple of weeks. That’s about as far ahead as I can see – it may become a cherished if abused addition to the burgeoning stable or it could end up in the skip.

Do you know what it is yet?

* What the hell is a petard? Some sort of Nautical term? Pretty safe guess since half the vocabulary of this country is from the sea and the other half from Shakespeare. Or maybe it’s a mammal? I have been hoisted from this twitching gerbil. Then again, maybe not.

13 thoughts on “Do you know what it is yet?

  1. Huey

    > it was essentially free
    Lucky bugger indeed! Smart choice though 🙂

    If you want a target, my medium LH is about 23lbs (without mud). If you ever come to skip it, let me know 😉

  2. Huey

    That there EBB is a Phil Wood – a thing of shiny loveliness (sadly mostly hidden inside the shell) – and no slipping, I can assure you.

    I would rotate this one a bit though Alex, to make sure there’s a touch more metal behind the bolts before you nip ’em up (screwdriver only – spanner is overkill).

  3. brad

    see what happens when I leave the country for ten minutes, took me so long talk you into selling the last one you never rode…tut tut tut.

  4. Alex

    James – I’d suggest “all of them” 🙂

    I have no idea how to adjust the EBB. I’m assuming a hammer is involved? The only way this could be 23lbs is if I chopped off the back end of the frame!

  5. nickc

    23lbs? My Inbred (no EBB) with Thomson, Hope hubs and puny 160mm discs is 25lbs (although it does have a Float stuck on the front at the minute.

  6. nickc

    Oh, and a Petard was a kind of bomb, if memory serves, had a kind of lifting/throwing device attached to lob the explosives.

  7. Huey

    > I have no idea how to adjust the EBB. I™m assuming a hammer is involved?
    No hammers please :-/
    See my advice on L/H EBB adjustment at:

    > The only way this could be 23lbs is if I chopped off the back end of the frame!
    Switzerland squeaker stylee!

    Plastic helps – carbon post & RC40 forks, also DT 4.2 rims, DT Revolution spokes and old skool Ultegra bottom bracket save a bit. Was shod with frail Conti Explorer’s for summer (now in Trailraker season) and Spesh thin tubes. And helium.


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