Mike “Elbows” Davis, the esteemed and much photographed editor of BikeMagic, has collated the combined assemblage of the lucky few attending Seb Roger’s MTB photography course and written it up here. Some excellent photographs from my fellow snappers but, if pushed, Kate’s seem to take the top prize. More than impressive since she’d never handled a D-SLR before the weekend.

Thankfully my tasteless joke filter cut in just in time there.

But enough of others and back to me. In what I’m supposing Mr Davis feels is an amusing jape, a huge Monks’ crown of my lush thatch (second outing of the filter) has been hilariously removed from this photo.


That suggests I don’t so much need a comb-over as a hat, a hairpiece or an admission that suncream is soon going to be an all-head experience. Still with Christmas only a mind numbing eight weeks away (and already labotomised nutjobs are sporting festive hats – for which I have yet to devise a punishment painful enough), it seems my present is already in the bag. Or, to be more anatomically accurate, on the head.

Oh yes. It's me alright

Any sexually ambivalent undertones? Or all proper manly, as befits a rugged outdoorsy sort of fella such as myself? And would this be classed as “appropriate office wear” I wonder? After the incident with the chicken suit, I’d probably better check.

EDIT: A poll of my immediate family brought forth the naked truth stumbling into the light. The choicest comments were: “not quite completely bald yet Dad. But close” and “What we used to call a Monkeys’ Bum Hairstyle“.

So glad I asked.

8 thoughts on “Curses!

  1. You could become Jewish – their little hats are about the right size for that clearing.

    My vote goes to Niels’ second shot – and it’s crying out to be a two-page contents-page spread πŸ™‚

  2. Alex

    I fear the clearing will suffer significant further deforestation in the not too distant future πŸ™ I would describe the hair loss as Amazonian.

  3. dave

    both niels and kate’s second shown get my vote. The only thing that bugs me about your second one (which would have been in the running otherwise) – is the guy in the orange hiding behing a tree in the background!

    but then i’ve not taken my hand to mtb photography yet so i’ll slink into the background.

  4. All sounds very good but a years waiting list (if I’ve read it right) for the next course! Looks good though. I do like Kate’s pictures and it’s a well known fact that cameras thin down the hair dramatically. My son has taken hundreds of pictures of the back of my head just to prove this.

  5. MikeD

    I reckon the chap in your background could be easily ‘shopped out. No suggestions for the hair, though.

    I may possibly have bought a hat not dissimilar to that one in Vegas. I may also possibly have not worn it since returning home πŸ˜‰

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