CLIC24: 2009

After my fantastic performance last year, how could I pass up another opportunity to suffer in exactly the kind of event, I’ve come to loathe. I used to dislike 24hr racing on principle, but now experience has allowed me to really properly hate it.

Obviously I’ll be sharing my innovative training regime*, pre-event excuses and pointless bike preparation with you all. In return can you take a look at the Clic-Sargent site, and then if you feel – as I do – that it is worth supporting, my justgiving page is right here.

The event is the same format as last year. Although I expect this time it’ll be raining if we’re lucky, and hailing if not. But Neil – who runs the event – nearly didn’t run it because, tragically, his wife Helen died of breast cancer late in 2008. He’s a bloody hero for dealing with that, and organising this.

Which makes me doubly determined to raise as much money as I possibly can, even in these financially troubling times.

* Currently categorised as “cold, dark and grumpy”

4 thoughts on “CLIC24: 2009

  1. Ian

    Well done mate.. I’d like to be right with you joining in and all.. but.. well I’m assuming the invitation got lost in cyber space, besides, I’ve booked myself in for a hair wash that weekend ;o)

  2. Alex

    Ian – hold that thought. The 2008 team has been strangely silent since their initial acceptance during a planning session in a Welsh hostelry. Leave that shampoo in the bottle for the moment!

  3. Alex

    Dan. Stop that. I saw the pictures. It reminded me of the Chilterns in the summertime. If the ground is wet, I will still be happy as the back of the truck will be dry. And that’s where I will be 🙂

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