Anyone have a plastic bag?

I shall very likely need one, after the first flight of the “Boomerang“. It is pre-loved which meant an evening of the kind of extreme dullness that only a wet rag can provide. Not because I really cared that the fuselage smelt as if it had been used as an ash tray, and a few – possibly vital bits – were hanging a bit loose.

No, the chairman, no less, of the club I’ve joined popped over and offered sage advice regarding which bits plug in where, and what not to touch if you want to finish your life with the same number of fingers you started with*

At the end of this, I was no less confused but probably better informed. I plunged in anyway, armed with some stinky foam and a vague idea of how flange A may interface with widget B. Less than two hours later, my engineering prowess had joined the radio to the receiver, the battery to the servos and – even – fuel into the compressed tank.

I did consider starting it but history predicts one of two things would happen.

a) It would explode taking the house and about a acre of field with it. I would be identified by flecks of surprised atoms floating across the charred countryside.

b) The bugger”d just fly off completely unharnessed by any radio signal. I’m still considering this as the safest way to effect the maiden flight.

Even after meeting me, the kind chap is still keen to teach me to fly it properly. Which I’m hoping to try next weekend assuming Murphy-Shoe-Eater hasn’t got to it first. This morning I was met with wagging tail, hungry expression and the remains of Random’s two week old trainers.

He did give me the “who me? what those? no, know nothing about those gov” expression, although this protestation of innocence was somewhat undermined by the lace hanging out of his mouth.

Anyway, it seems I have somehow ended up with three planes, one recently crashed, one ready to fly and one needing all sorts of trickery involving z-bends and micro adjustments. Sound like a job for the big hammer!

* I’m considering offering this as a service to some of the more “local locals” to get them back to 4 per hand.

4 thoughts on “Anyone have a plastic bag?

  1. Andy B

    The trick is to stuff a bin liner in the tail, then as you are making the walk of shame to pick the bits up you don’t have to remember to take one with you!

  2. Alex

    Good plan that Andy. I may very well give that a go and pretend it is a tail parachute.

    ‘Ullo Nick. Been riding quite a lot lately. It’s all this ace not muddy all year riding we have round here 🙂 But always time for something else pointless and faddy. It’s that or starting decorating, and I’d sign up for bog snorkelling before that became attractive.

  3. Dave

    i was just thinking, shouldn’t that read

    ‘anyone have a body bag?’

    cause if you’re flying skills are anything like you suggest…..

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