And we’re back in the room

Nine days after some wayward prodding by those lovely men at BT, we’ve re-established connection with the Internet.

It’s not fast. It wasn’t fast before hand to set the bar here. But now, we’d probably be better served spending our time creating a time machine and beaming back to the event in question, rather than waiting the Great God Google to return a simple search request.

In the slew of auto-updates following our re-connection with the virtual world, WordPress went mildly bonkers in pursuit of multiple upgrades and the installation of something called “JetPack”. JetPack it preened would solve all my problems, even some I didn’t know about.

This is in fact true. I had no problems – well not that WordPress could sort out unless it had progressed into animated organics and could wield a heavy iron bar – with the blog. Until the upgrade that was. When everything stopped working. At which point a random trawl through the themes directory confirmed the world has indeed gone mad whilst I’ve been away.

Every simple theme I like doesn’t work anymore. Apparently I now must become au-fait with sliders, hidden menu systems, HTML-5 and an entirely new configuration systems based on Quarks. I have neither the available life span or sufficient brain capacity to do so. Instead, it’s this crappy theme and a recognition that 99{45ac9c3234d371044e23e276755ef3a4dde8f1068375defba7d385ca3cd4deb2} of my dwindling readership live their lives on Facebook or FeedBurner.

So not an ideal re-entry arc into the blazing atmosphere of the world wide wibbly, but everything is relative. The kids are off Suicide Watch for a start!

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