4x4s in more dangerous than normal cagers shock

From the times today

Well that’s university funds well spent. Did they go visit these turretless tank driver’s co-workers and friends to discover if they were arrogant wankers as well? Actually they needn’t bother; I’d wager they are based on no research nor statistical corroboration other than bouncing off these pointless symbols of supposed status and actual twatiness.

Jeez, that must be most pointless piece of research since men would rather watch football and drunk beer than discuss shoes?. It’s put me in mind of the IG’s.

2 thoughts on “4x4s in more dangerous than normal cagers shock

  1. Alex

    Porn makes you blind? Oh shit, better get down the opticians. What next “beer makes you fat”. It’s the secret world government propoganda, I’m telling you.

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