You see, I told you it was sunny.

I was accused of meteorological inaccuracy on declaring that Scotland had indeed but both bonny in terms of riding and weather so here are some random pictures proving my innocence. And giving me a chance to gloat a little on a fantastic – if slightly painful – weeks riding.

Rider lost in crop circle. Mabie Singletrack. Roll Down, Kirroughtree.

Rider lost in corn circleMabie forest - do my pads look big in thisNige - slabby roll down

Nigel Gurning the rock step, KT. Small bike, big balls, Ae. Tim hoisting the dirtbag, Ae.

Nigel - woooah where's he goingSmall bike, big ballsTim - Ae

Dave. Ae. Climbing. Ae. Tim, Darkside, Mabie

See told you the sun shinedMore climbingAnd once more

Dave/Jay, Lakes. Dave/Jay, having a nice push, Lakes. Descending, Lakes.

Jay's lip gets some exerciseAre we there yet?Downhill at last

Tim, Darkside. Dave, Darkside. Tim, gap jump, Darkside.

Tim - Mabie, darksideDave having a thinkTim - gap, darkside

Al, Rock roll down, KT. Al, Cold, McMoab. Nige, Darkside. Tim, Log skinny, Mabie.

First ride after accident. 10 minutes in. Thanks.Al - wet on McMoabNigel - dark side MabieTim - mabie, log skinny

Photo’s 2,3,9, 10, 12,13,15 and 15 (C) Tim Beresford. Reproduce without his permission and he’ll drop the Dirtbag on you 🙂

Okay it wasn’t exactly Sunny all the time but hopefully you can see how much fun we were having.

Might be a trip back in September. I am bidding on ebay for a suit of armour 🙂

6 thoughts on “You see, I told you it was sunny.

  1. nickc

    Rain. Ha. I knew it.

    I think it’s still illegal in many Scots counties to have a completely dry summer. It’s wriitten into the constitution or on the Stone of scone and jam, and I think the last time it happened King James III (IXVCC of England) was sacked in Carlisle*

    * Some of that may be made up

  2. Mark

    Nice stuff Al. Good to see you back on a bike.

    I’m heading up that way mid Oct. Turns out some distant cousin has built a log cabin smack bang in between Ae, Mabie, Dalbeattie and Kirroughtree. Long weekend with bikes and R. I get 3x days riding to myself. Which routes/stanes do you recommend and do you think it’s more than just a little wise for me to try and hook up with someone rather than go round on my own (safety sake and all that?)

  3. Nuggie

    Good pics and an great trip 🙂

    Mark, Kirroughtree and Mabie are ace – the best in the area IMO. Would definitely recommend riding with someone else as this will allow you to try out some of the more interesting bits knowing there is someone around if you f**k it up 😉 Also recommend taking leg and body armour (or suit of armour like Al).

  4. Mark

    Cheers nigel. Ill probably either rock up at the trail head’s and tag along to a ride or advertise on STW for a ride buddy.

    One day R and I shall do the 58km long green/blue at Glentrool and then the other days I can do what I like. Ive probably got three full days – so a full day at Kir and Madbie are definatley in.

    Did you d the Red Phoenix tral at Mabie as well as the dark side?

  5. Alex

    Hah it rained more in England so we win 🙂

    If the Phoenix trail is the xc one then yes we did and it’s fantastic. Nothing too technical but excellent flowy fast trails. Darkside isn’t my thing but I quite enjoyed taking the bike for a walk round it 😉

    Probably better going round with someone, we hardly saw anyone while we were out there in the week except for a few trailbuilders. Have fun, it’s hard not too!

  6. Robert

    You’ll be pleased to know that normal service has resumed with the weather up here. It’s pretty much pished down every day since you typed those words about it being sunny for your trip. Jinx bastard. 😀

    Is the suit of armour for when you fall off or is it for when you tell Mrs Al that your swanning off to Scotland again 😀

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