You know that feeling you get?

When you’re about to spend quite alot of money on a new bike? A mix of emotions taking in guilt, expectation, worry and early onset childish grinning. Well we’re just about to order out underfloor heating system, powered by solar, ground source and lentils.

I am completely getting the guilt and worry, without any hint of joy, happiness or woody high notes. I know it’s the right thing to do, I know it’ll save us money in the long run, I also know there will be some extremely entertaining digger action that I may be be peripherally involved in.

I know all of these things, but flipping heck, how much money? I feel like we’re personally propping up the economy through the purchase of just about anything and everything that couple possibly be associated with a house. I’m seriously considering buying a few chimneys, a haw haw and ten tons of soil.

Oh no sorry, we ARE buying ten tons of soil. And two tons of sand. It’s in the budget just under “case of cheap wine, sod the taste, will it get me drunk?”

It’s only money I suppose. And if I play my cards right, it’ll be someone else’s money.

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