You get what you pay for.

A old ‘un but a good ‘un. Only a generation ago would such stalwarts be wheeled out for a group nod, when someone had the temerity to try something different. Further samples from my own childhood include “If you rub it, you’ll just make it worse“*, “Too wrongs don’t make a right“** and “Tha’s not as green as tha cabbage is painted”***

Yet the first one should blaze a trail of truth through a galaxy hosting planets of cheap, bullshit and stupid all of which orbit the sun of greed. I have just about come to terms with head banging impotence at the million suits fucking over everyone else to turn a fast buck. And I’ve become largely uncaring over the corruption of global markets, the insanity of trading on stuff that doesn’t exist, and the decoupling of making big decisions while failing to be troubled by the consequences to everyone but you.

But when an organisation outsources the prime communication for its’ customers to lowest cost bidder and instills a script based ethic for people trying their best in a second language, it still sends me bloody nuts. The link between me paying the bills and them being paid to help me is stretched to the point where I find myself caring nearly as little as they do. Press 1 to be put on hold, press 2 to get charged to hear the website address, press 3 to start the whole pointless process again.

Wait ten fucking minutes to be told “this isn’t our problem. We don’t know whose problem it is, but we’re pretty clear it isn’t ours“. So wearily try again with another faceless company. Same shit, same script, same answer. What kind of fucking madness is it that some fruit in a suit dreamed up a business model where 20{45ac9c3234d371044e23e276755ef3a4dde8f1068375defba7d385ca3cd4deb2} customer churn returns more to shareholders than attempting to retain their custom, by innovative techniques such as answering the phone?

And it is not like we’re trying to order a Space Shuttle here. We just want Broadband to be activated on a telephone line but the slightly non standard configuration isn’t on anyone’s screen, so we may as well up the ante “Look screw the broadband, what do you have in terms of serviceable reusable space vehicles?” / “Sorry sir, I’ll just need to call my supervisor” Brrr. Disconnect.

I think it is right and proper to out these corporate charlatans. BT: 13 wasted minutes on a conversation which intersected only briefly on “broadband” and “goodbye“. Tiscali: You’re a shower of useless shit as well. About the same plus the transfers between 4 different departments each with a new way of cheerfully informing us that they didn’t give a shit.

Remember banks back in the 80s? You were stuck with the useless dog lobbers because switching your account was slightly more complex than building a teleport. And they bloody well knew it – now ISP’s are the new wanker bankers with their “oh but you’ll lose your email address if you cancel“.

Well fuck the lot of you. We’re taking it back. A google cry for help unearthed a little known – but highly recommended**** – ISP with a UK phone number. A nice man answered the phone second ring, made all my problems his and apologised for charging a little more than the competitors. We even registered our own domain name, so it’s a single ball-achy afternoon to change every Internet account but God it’s going to feel good.

This is all our fault of course. Since we constantly commoditise every product and demand the lowest price by removing any differentiation, what the hell did we think might happen? So fuck Tesco, M&S can go swivel, Virgin will never see me again. Maybe all of us are going to be nothing more than the demand side of global capitalism but, from hereon in, I’m voting with my cash and paying it over to someone who actually gives a shit. It might not make a difference to them, but it’ll make a bloody great difference to me.

And when my World Dictatorship get ratified, my first order of the day will be to melt down every call answering system, and send out hunting parties for any delusionist who decided shareholders were more important than customers. The scorpion pit is too bloody good for them.

I’d just like to apologise to my mum. I realise I have used up a years worth of bad language in a single post. And, of course, it is someone else’s fault. There is probably even an 0845 number to call.

* Ignored by legions of pubescent boys across the planet.

** Yeah, but it’s fun trying.

*** Bemused at the time. Still bemused 30 years on.

**** You should see what they say about Tiscali and BT. Try ISPReview. It’s pretty damn cathartic.

5 thoughts on “You get what you pay for.

  1. At least you didn’t get a real person apologising that they’re so busy but if you’d just leave a number and a convenient time to call they’ll get back to you.

    It’s fiction up there with The Bard.

  2. brad

    HAHAHAHAHA hahaha, and im the person you talk to when the other fukwits have spent 3 hours winding you up..
    yes call center joy here. The difference is I can actually help, but let me make this clear , it all depends on the first 10 words out of your mouth .. if you are nice you get the kingdom kinda thing. start arogant you end up irate.. the choice is yours.
    but thats me.
    i know customer service in UK is an oxymoron.

    what did you do buy a server and half a mile of fibre optic cable ?

  3. Tim

    First 10 words eh Brad?

    “Dude, nice bike you got there. Where’s my freakin’ broadband?”

    That do?

  4. Alex

    It’s quite sad really when you know “we’ll get back to you” and “yes someone will sort that today” are just lies to get you off the phone.

    My poor old mum has the same problem with talktalk. Eventually I wrote to the top man on her behalf, and it finally got sorted. Maybe now writing is quicker than phoning or emailing. There is something odd about that.

    Anyway Tiscali –> Byyyyeeee, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya 🙂

  5. gillian king

    should be cabbage looking, you forgot hold
    it under the cold tap or have a hot are excused your bad language as you have just cause.a week ago as a valued customer i was told i would be rung back in 24 hours by the manager i am still holding my breath.this is late because i could not access your blog. your disenchanted mum

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