You can’t please all the people, all of the time.

Clearly, as from a response to this post I wrote haranguing Chiltern Railways on their rubbish cycle facilities and slightly poorer rail service.

You really are a sanctomonious prat and reflects the current state of he world today. Cant get what you want so make everyone out to be a jobsworth. You are not saving the planet you are helping to achieve in its destruction. Grow up and get a grip stick your bike and yourself somewhere else is anyone really interested in your abusive jibes and personal attacks on the service industry.”

From a disgruntled employee or man not entirely sure how to spell sanctimonious?

I was delighted to find my words can annoy people I have never met. And nutters as well because – childish, grip-less and prattish as I apparently am – how the hell can riding a bike be a weapon of mass destruction? Still full marks for spelling achieve correctly. And although the last sentence makes no sense whatsoever – some punctuation may have given me a clue – I’m pretty clear on the general sentiment.

A while ago, a post summarised all the groups I had so far upset in two years of writing this rubbish. It appears I can now add – and I’m guessing here – ‘Chiltern Railway Employees” 🙂

3 thoughts on “You can’t please all the people, all of the time.

  1. dave

    Either that or he works for the council.

    Just one thing though, he (i’m assuming male here) DID post it on april 1st and you don’t think that could be an indicator of mis-aligned humour of ‘english style’??

    Anyway not all of your readers are as morally offended when you get out the stick to beat some institutionalised individual towing the party line. When it’s clearly of no benifit – and especially when in this day and age cycling should be encouraged and not repelled with shotguns, for fear of a stampeed for the *cough* overused and ‘for season ticket holders only’ bike racks.

  2. Alex

    I did consider that briefly. But rapidly concluded that humour or japery was not his prime objective 😉

  3. Huey

    Plus it was posted after midday so couldn’t possibly “count” as a jolly jape. Keep teasing those that test, Alex.

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